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Reccommend an iron and an ironing board

Interiors & Accessories Forum
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Topic author Great Britain
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Mon Dec 02, 2019 1:55 pm


It was a very costly mistake! A month ago I purchased a rather inexpensive ironing board that indeed is unstable. The iron fell, damaged the flooring and broke... Situation aside, I do need a new iron with temperature control and a stable ironing board with a quality pad.

I don't mind purchasing online at all; I make many online purchases. have listed BOSCH, TEFAL, PHILIPS and BRAUN irons, however I'm unsure which brand would be the better option in regards to reliability and quality. Have any of you had experience with ?

In terms of recommendations for ironing boards, which do you suggest? The ironing boards do look lovely, again however I'm unsure if they're stable.

Thank you for reading. I do need help and hope to read your answers.


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