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Review of Ryobi One+ 18V Cordless Air Inflator and Deflator

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Thu Jun 20, 2019 5:50 pm

Review of Ryobi One+ 18V Cordless Air Inflator and Deflator

Ryobi One+ 18V Cordless Air Inflator and Deflator

I’m somewhat fascinated with the modern Ryobi line in how they use the same battery for all of their appliances. This makes it easier for people to cross over to, say, their drill or leaf blower – as long as the device is part of the Ryobi Line. However, it might be somewhat of a concern in the future if they want to update their line and change their battery system altogether. This would eventually render this Inflator/Deflator obsolete. (Please note: this product does not include battery upon purchase)

On a more positive note, there are qualities that make this product very useful. As implied in the previous paragraph, it is cordless and lightweight, meaning that you can take it anywhere in the backyard or outback without having to plug it in to any power points. Also, there are two different air outputs – one side to inflate tyres and balls with a high pressure hose and the other side for inflating/deflating other objects such as mattresses, blow-up boats and jumping castles with a low pressure hose.

The design of the product is very convenient, with both hoses of the inflator/deflator locking into place on the side when not in use. This means that the hoses are unlikely to be lost or damaged when travelling. The high pressure hose also has three different accessory nozzles for innumerable inflatable objects, which also lock into place for storage.

I regret to say that the high pressure hose instructions pasted on the inflator/deflator happened to be peeling off after two uses (as it is just a sticker) – perhaps it would have been better if the instructions were painted on with high quality paint. On the other hand, the instructions prove how easy it is to use the device, having only four steps to guide us through the process.

I was very excited to give this product a test run, using the high pressure hose to pump up several bicycle tyres and car tyres. After turning the product on using the “mode” button, I found that the metre screen displays three different air pressure measurements – psi, bar and kpa. I selected psi in order to compare the experience to air pumps found at petrol service stations. After plugging in the high pressure hose, I loved how the metre screen displayed a numerical pressure gauge, revealing the pressure of the object during inflation. Upon flicking the switch, the device makes a considerable amount of noise, in which I expected before testing due to its smaller size.

The time taken to inflate a bicycle tire was quicker in comparison to a hand bicycle pump. However, for car tyres, it was much slower than the air pump you would find at petrol stations.

On a simpler conclusion, I found the product to do the job as intended. Like a portable jump starter, it’s a contingency to bring on camping trips.

A little marvel.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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