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Review of Adonit Jot Dash Stylus Pen for Phones & Tablets

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Wed Jun 12, 2019 5:36 pm

Review of Adonit Jot Dash Stylus Pen for Phones & Tablets

Jot Dash Stylus for Android and iOS

With the recent re-emergence of the stylus, with iPad Pro and select Samsung devices, Cosmetic Rumours were intrigued to determine whether the Jot Dash stylus could replace pen and paper by providing an upscaled PDA experience.

The Jot Dash Stylus by Adonit is seemingly promising. It clearly states to be “Touchscreen compatible with Apple iOS and Android tablets and phones” and readily operational “with a quick start and streamlined design, Jot Dash is always ready work.”

After removing the item from the box, the impressive minimalist design was immediately noticeable. The pen itself is slender, smooth and slippery – lengthy enough for those with large hands and imitative of a pen with the inclusion of a t-shirt clip. Although not a problem personally, one with a clumsier disposition would incur issues in preventing this device from tumbling on tiles. An included slide-on grip could eliminate this concern and improve the accessibility of this device for many.

Upon inspecting the pen, an inescapable first flaw is discovered: It must be charged.

With mobile phones, tablet computers, laptops, digital cameras and battery packs, it’s unfortunately another liability in the charging sequence; a form of routine maintenance appreciated by nobody.

Nonetheless there’s a logical reason why the stylus must be charged. Most modern touchscreen devices rely on electrical conductivity. The current technology -- utilised by most major brands -- are capacitive touch screens. Compared to the pressure-sensitive resistive hardware of the former PDA years, capacitive touchscreens rely on the human body’s natural capacitance to store a charge and conduct an electric current. When a finger physically contacts the touch screen, the screen’s electrostatic field is disrupted, and a precise location is conveyed for further processing. The Jot Dash must mimic the touch of a human finger in a finer space; which, after all, requires an electrical source.

The Jot Dash stylus was sometimes found to be operable on both Apple iOS and Android devices. When tested for drawing, it drew to a reasonable level of precision however it inopportunely ceased functioning in drier conditions. Breathing warm air onto the screen seemed to temporarily resolve this problem.

As a further measure, Cosmetic Rumours attempted to use this stylus on three Windows devices. These were two different Asus touchscreen computers running the Windows 10 operating system and a Windows 8 Toshiba tablet. As expected, it was inoperable on either. Not a disadvantage – the device never claimed to be compatible with Windows devices.

Removing unwanted oil on a smartphone screen brings a frustrating dilemma. It was found that glass cleaner temporarily disrupted the stylus’ functionality. In this instance, the human finger reigned supreme but redeposited the formerly removed oil.

Writing with a sleek stylus in professional environments provides an air of competence. Alternatively, tapping and sliding with the index finger to take notes is comparable to the scribbling action of a child meddling with finger paint in a classroom.

Rating: 6/10

Jot Dash Stylus for Android and iOS
Demonstration of the Jot Dash when operable
Jot Dash charging adaptor
Jot Dash packaging

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