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Review of W7 Eyes Wide Open White Illuminating Eye Pen

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Tue Mar 19, 2019 7:53 pm

Review of W7 Eyes Wide Open White Illuminating Eye Pen

Image of W7 Eyes Wide Open White Illuminating Eye Pen

"Use W7 Eyes Wide Open to create the illusion of big bold eyes by adding a whitening effect around your inner eye lids” – Product Description

Unlike other forms of makeup, like lipstick and foundation, the creation of eye makeup is something that needs careful attention in terms of its design. The reason being for this is that the eyes are vulnerable, where safe application without worry is considered the ideal. In particular, inner eye lids are sensitive parts of the body, and any struggle to apply eye products can cause irritation.

For one, the length of the eye pen is a good size, as it is easy to grip, though concealment in one’s purse is somewhat difficult. Also, the end cannot be capped, meaning there's an increased chance of losing it once removed.

The applicator’s feel on the skin bares semblance to scribbling a note on the wrist with a felt tip pen. Each stroke of the applicator shifts the pointy tip where it trails behind in the direction of its movement.

Unfortunately there's one major problem: adequate quantities of product starts a few millimeters from the tip; not on the tip as required. This makes it hard for the pen to draw a consistent line on the inner eyelids. Quite infuriating, actually.

Fortunately after application, we discovered that there is an element of water resistance, but not to the level that it is too difficult to remove after application.

A bold idea.

Overall Rating: 6/10




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