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Review of Hurraw Lip Balm - Organic & Cruelty-Free

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Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:06 pm

Review of Hurraw Lip Balm

Lime Lip Balm & Blue Chamomile Vanilla

PricePrice Per GramOverall Rating $6.45 AUD / $4.29 USD / £4.99$1.5 AUD / $0.99 USD / £1.168.1/10 LimeBlue Chamomile Vanilla 7.758.5/10
It has become a large trend in the 2010s where older generations have to put up with what we call hipster trends. And by golly does it come in many different forms, especially in regards to food. Organic, vegan and raw ingredients are among common labels on tucker, but not often found on lip balm, like the examples in the pictures below.

Hurraw lip balm is one of these pleasant anomalies that cater to the new generation of product conscious people.
The lime lip balm has a pleasant, but strong tang akin to a gelato ice cream with a woody undertone. The blue chamomile vanilla night treatment lip balm is a lot more mild, where the blue chamomile can be detected only very subtly compared to the vanilla.

Both lip balms add slippery shine to the lips that slowly dry down to the skin. The lime balm more is drying of the two.

All in all I found both of them to be little treats in themselves. My lips, which were cracked by the winter, healed up quite nicely, and without much caking you get from other lip balms.


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