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Review of BYS Illuminating Drops

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Thu Mar 14, 2019 4:30 pm

Review of BYS Illuminating Drops

BYS Pure Silk Illuminating Drops

"For an intense glow, use a few drops on bare skin, applying with your favourite BYS Tool. For a subtle glow, mix in with your favourite BYS Foundation or Primer. Shake bottle before use.” – Product Directions

For some, makeup is a procedure, while for others it is seen as another art form in itself. BYS Illuminating Drops seem to appeal to those who see it as the latter, in which the face becomes a canvas to the various paintings it is willing to exhibit.

According to the product description, the product serves the purpose of creating a self-described “highly concentrated liquid shimmer”, where it can be used alone or mixed in with the brand’s primer and foundation. It should be noted, however, that we did not test BYS Illuminating Drops with BYS primer and foundation but with a different brand altogether.

Hopefully, everything should still work out well.

However, we experienced mixed results galore. On its own, it dries down well, demonstrating a noticeable purple shine. The general rule of this product is that the amount used affects the look achieved. In other words, it can be blended into the skin to create a subtle tinge, or be left to dry with an intense glow.

When mixed in with primer, there was a noticeable clash of products. The illuminator caused the primer to clump while the succeeding foundation layer on top created a colourised cakey mixture that doesn’t dry down well. An artist's nightmare.

On a more fortunate note, the illuminator works well with the foundation when the primer isn’t added. It provides a nice shine with a purple hue to an otherwise matte foundation. In spite of it not being a natural luminosity, it gives off a form of luminosity nonetheless.

An otherwise versatile product with compatibility issues - like outdated software.

Overall Rating: 6/10






Brand website: ... osted-glow

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